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5 Reasons for Outsourcing your Contact Centre Quality Assurance

If you are a senior contact centre manager, no doubt you’ve faced the challenge of improving compliance and customer experience within your contact centre’s customer calls. By outsourcing your contact centre quality assurance call monitoring, many organisations are benefiting from not only increased compliance and customer service levels, but other benefits too.

Since 2013, Centrebound and its team of UK-based Quality Assurance Executives have been helping organisations achieve outstanding quality assurance for contact centres. We’ve listed the top 5 reasons why contact centres outsource their quality assurance with us.

Why do contact centres outsource their quality assurance?

1. It’s cost effective

Centrebound charges a fixed unit cost per call based on the average call time of the calls being graded. There are no other hidden fees. So, outsourcing your quality assurance to us typically saves 20%-30% over the cost of using your in-house team. As well as this, we will free up your management and developmental time, which can add further value to your business.

2. It’s reliable

When you outsource your contact centre quality assurance to Centrebound, we will grade any volume of calls you require over any period of time you need. You can rely on this to be provided on time, every time.

That’s because we can integrate seamlessly with your platform and recording software. We also ensure effective resource planning, a flexible shift design, and exceptionally low levels of absence and attrition. So when you outsource your quality assurance to Centrebound, you won’t need to worry about factors like staff absences, holiday requests or performance impacting on your ability to grade the required number of calls over any time period. You can rely on us for that.

Contact centre quality assurance

3. It’s flexible

Most contact centres are not able to be flexible with available resources. But we can increase the numbers of contacts graded at any time. If it’s a peak time of year and you need more calls graded, we can take care of that. Or, if you want a project focus on a specific area of service or sales and need more calls than usual listened to – we can take care of that too.
Because Centrebound is highly flexible, we can take on any additional call volumes quickly and efficiently.

4. It’s objective

When you outsource your contact centre quality assurance, you avoid any subjectivity that can often influence an in-house team. As we have no personal relationships with your staff, the insight you get into compliance and customer care across your business is fully objective. This means the reports are highly accurate, and therefore highly impactful in making effective change within your business.
Our bespoke model means we work with you to understand the exact standards and requirements needed for your business. This means the quality assurance we carry out for you is consistent and accurate.

5. It’s high quality

Centrebound’s team of Quality Assurance Executives are of the highest calibre, which in turn means the quality assurance you get for your business is of the highest quality. We actively employ graduates with language or technical backgrounds, and offer excellent working conditions meaning that we are a highly attractive company to work for.

Our team never work on more than 2 campaigns at a time to ensure a high level of focus on each client whilst ensuring efficiency. Our Executives take regular breaks from the intensity of call/contact grading to guarantee accuracy at all times.

As well as this, our quality assurance model is based on quality standards including consistency, customer focus, competency and excellent communication. Outsourcing your quality assurance to Centrebound ensures the standard of your quality assurance, which is then something you don’t need to worry about.

So overall, outsourcing your contact centre quality assurance call monitoring to Centrebound is an efficient, cost effective way to have a specialist team in place to ensure, flexible, outstanding compliance and customer experience for your business.