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Centrebound Management and Culture of Compliance

Centrebound recognises that compliance is not just an obligation but an ongoing commitment that underpins all our behaviours, operations and services. Our approach as always been to ‘lead by example’ whether that be within the industry or the within the company board.

Our values are set out in our Code of Conduct and form part of all staff’s induction training. Our ongoing commitment to compliance is outlined below under a 5 point plan of awareness, communication, education, incentives and incident reporting.


Centrebound works with a variety of clients across several regulated industries. Our services include;

  • Call quality compliance – DPA, FCA and TCF checks
  • FCA/TCF Mystery shopping
  • Age-restricted ‘Challenge 21/25’ checks


The Centrebound Board leads by example, setting a high standard of ethical behaviour that filters down through the business. Expectations, policies and procedures are continuously communicated. Centrebound’s mission is “Contact with Clarity” which appears as part of company logo. This refers to our transparency, honesty and integrity.

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Ensuring our staff are properly educated reinforces our culture of compliance from day one. All Centrebound Agents receive the following induction training;

  • GDPR
  • Centrebound Data Security

Further modules for those working on Financial Services accounts;

  • TCF
  • SAF
  • Vulnerable Customers

All modules are delivered by the Centrebound senior management team and measured using bespoke online tests.


It is important that Centrebound regularly demonstrates its commitment to its ethical and compliant culture by rewarding its team for positive behaviour. We regularly hold social events, support local charities and support our employees in sporting events.

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Incident Reporting

Creating a culture where employees can challenge and report incidents in fundamental to a culture of transparency and continuous improvement. Staff should feel free to report incidents and suggest improvements without fear of reprisal or rebuttal.

Our incident reporting process is set out in our induction training and code of conduct.