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Compliance monitoring

An appropriate and comprehensive compliance monitoring programme forms a critical part of any company’s overall risk management framework.

Centrebound can help to monitor your existing arrangements, identify any instances where your practices are not being adhered to and support you to feedback improvements that need to be made. Whatever your company and customer requirements we will work with you to ensure the best possible service and adherence to your compliance policies are received from your customers. Our existing clients benefit from our call centre quality assurance in various areas of compliance related customer interaction including;

Data Protection (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals citizens of the European Union and the European Economic Area. It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas. It was implemented on the 25th May 2018, replacing the Data Protection Act (DPA)

When dealing with customers directly it is vitally important when obtaining, recording and holding their data that it is carried out accurately and securely. You will have processes that ensure this is the case and Centrebound can work with you to monitor that your Advisors and teams are following those best practice processes when dealing with your customers.

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

It is important to ensure you secure an appropriate degree of protection for your customers. Centrebound can monitor your adherence to the measures you have in place to protect your customers and ensure they are treated fairly and correctly.

Provision of Accurate Pricing, Quotes and Costs

Where your customers are receiving prices or quotes during the interaction it is crucial that the figures are accurate. This is both for the protection and service experience of your customer and the profit margin for your business. Centrebound can monitor and feedback all prices, quotes and costs against your business prices and feedback on adherence rates or any anomalies. Understanding and where your customers are receiving the correct advice on sales and service will help to improve not only their experience but your bottom line.

Treating Customers Fairly

We have a separate training module for TCF outlining the 6 principles and how they are applied in real-world scenarios. We also ask Agents working on TCF accounts that they watch the short TCF video produced by the FCA that break the 6 principles down.


For Quality Assurance Executives aligned to automotive finance accounts we can provide additional training as prescribed in the online SAF resource at

Vulnerable Customers

We have a separate, contact centre specific training module for Vulnerable Customers. It looks at;

  • Who are vulnerable customers? (The FCA definition)
  • How can customers be vulnerable
  • How do we spot vulnerable customers
  • What contact centre agents can and should do to help vulnerable customers