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Case Studies


Certas Energy is the UK’s largest independent fuel distributer. They have been delivering to customers for over 15 years and their extensive network deliver from the Highlands to Lands End. This covers home heating oil, road diesel, tractor diesel, quality branded lubricants, Fuel Cards, Marine and Aviation fuels, boiler maintenance or to fill up your vehicle.

Centrebound Ltd were approached with a view to managing the existing quality assurance process for incoming calls from their domestic customers. The protection of data and delivery of accurate information in a clear manner are two of the priorities when handling sensitive information and providing pricing information. This is along with spotting opportunities to increase sales through the provision of additional services that the customers would benefit from.

Centrebound reviewed the internal process for GDPR on calls along with the existing call standards and reports. Offering advice and support to ensure information is captured effectively and calls are monitored consistently. With a team of Quality Assessors Centrebound review a fixed amount of calls weekly against the call standards and produce feedback on each call along with overall KPI reports to help identify trends and areas of improvement in the service provided.

This has led to a consistent improvement in the following months against all the key metrics of customer service measured by the client. The reports are constantly evolving as the needs of the customers adapt and the outsourcing of this means that Centrebound are able to implement change as required and increase the volumes of calls monitored as needed.

Outsourcing the QA and reporting to Centrebound has allowed us to concentrate on delivering process improvement and customer satisfaction.”

“We have had a great relationship with Centrebound over the past couple of years as they took on our outsourced contact centre quality assurance programme. I have found them to be very professional yet also flexible in their approach which has been very much needed. It’s great to have a partner you can rely on.”

Graham McCracken, Head of BI and Strategic Insight


Our client offers designer fashion, beauty, food & wine both online and in-store including Knightsbridge, Manchester, Leeds & Edinburgh. The brand is synonymous with high end retail in the UK and their customers demand first class service.

In October 2014, Centrebound conducted a mystery shopping exercise assessing the Customer Experience across call, email, live-chat and social media channels. We were able to identify a number of key areas of improvement that led to us being invited to design and implement a set of multichannel quality assurance standards at their Edinburgh contact centre.

Centrebound worked with the client analysing their contact types and customer service processes and aligning these to their company values. We created bespoke standards unique to each contact channel and process along with supporting materials such as the contact centre ‘Standards Companion’. Accompanying the standards, we built a suite of Excel-based management information reports to track and identify performance trends.

Throughout 2015 we worked onsite supporting the rollout and day to management of the new standards including leading the initial calibration sessions.

“Centrebound were instrumental in helping us deliver our customer service objectives through. Their experience in Contact Centre processes and technologies enabled a speedy delivery of our QA project.”



Our client offers a range of high-quality meeting facilities, located in a variety of their own properties across Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham and Cheshire. They can be used for anything from corporate away-days to one-to-one meetings.

In October 2014, Centrebound were approached in relation to the front line staff who interact with potential new customers when they enquire about meeting rooms for the first time. The objective was to understand the level of service delivered and the consistency of the approach across different sites located around the country. This allowed the client to identify areas to improve service and conversion rates on new customer sign up as a result.

Centrebound worked with the client to build a bespoke set of Quality Standards that captured the information around the performance of their team on customer service and sales elements of their calls. Using these standards Centrebound’s team of Quality Assessors listened to calls with potential new customers and graded each site on a number of calls each month. In the last four years, the objectives, customer requirements and approach taken by the client have evolved and Centrebound has worked with them to adapt the standards and continue to feedback each call and overall performance. This supports the feedback, training and development of staff that interact with their existing and new customers each day. The quality performance on the customer service provided has increased year on year on the back of this joint approach.

“Centrebound gave us the flexibility and reliability we needed compared to resourcing internally. They have worked with us since 2014 and over that time we have seen a significant improvement in our quality scores.”