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Objective, Cost Effective Expertise

Outsourcing your contact or call centre quality assurance team has never been easier or more beneficial.

Quality assurance is an essential part of optimising, monitoring and improving contact centres. It can help not only improve compliance to internal standards, but tackle underperformance, provide detailed feedback to individuals, identify widespread trends and, ultimately, improve the experience of customers. Why, however, should you outsource this rather than do it in-house?

Perhaps the most obvious reason is cost. In-house employees require holidays, pensions, NI payments, as well as a basic annual salary. Outsourcing means that companies can pay for a certain volume of work, rather than a certain number of employees. Savings of around 30% are typically realised as well as allowing for greater flexibility and the ability to use quality assurance on a per contact basis.

However, the benefits of outsourcing your call centre QA team can extend well beyond cost, and perhaps the most important one of these benefits is quality. Because companies that deal with outsourced quality assurance can structure themselves differently to call-centre models, employees can work shorter, more focused shifts that allow for maximum efficiency and specialisation.

Arguably, the greatest tenet of increased quality comes from increased objectivity. In house quality assurance will often involve people monitoring friends, peers and co-workers, leading a higher likelihood of bias, which could eventually prejudice results. Outsourced staff enjoy no such relationship with the agents, and can thus produce truly objective, accurate results, allowing for contact centres to pinpoint weakness and strengths as precisely as possible.

Unfortunately, outsourcing as a concept does always conjure the most positive connotations, tending to lead people to think of large offshore populations of disparate workers, job cuts and the depersonalisation of labour.

If any company aims to be the antithesis of this, it is Centrebound. As the company name suggests, we aim to streamline processes around a central operation, based, in our case, around the hub of Manchester. Our team works in-house under one roof, allowing us to create focused work groups, carry out extensive calibration and share best practice.

With many years of industry experience, our efficiency in handling quality assurance work allows our clients to spend more time on handling quality analysis. In other words, we can do the leg work that allows companies to spend more time innovating solutions and deciding on the metrics that inform quality assurance.