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Contact Centre QA Software Reporting Solutions

Excel & QA Software

Whether you are using Excel spreadsheets or off the shelf QA software, Centrebound’s Quality Assurance Executives can seamlessly use an integrate with either, just like dedicated staff within your own contact centre.

Typical software includes Nice, EvaluAgent, Scorebuddy and Sabio but we can integrate with any bespoke solution you have if it is web-enabled.

If you are using Microsoft Excel, our in-house management information experts can help you develop your own scorecards and reporting suites, handling the jobs of not just a QA team but a Management Information team as well. If you just want us to replicate or use your current reports we can do that also!

EvaluAgent QA Software

If you are looking for dedicated QA software, Centrebound are proud to partner EvaluAgent. EvaluAgent are a UK based company of contact centre experts that provide quality monitoring software that will work with any CRM or call recording system.

Build scorecards with ease

Access our library of scorecards to help get you started or take advantage of the intuitive scorecard builder to replicate your existing approach.

Add sections, questions, steps, reporting tags and guidelines and choose from a range of best-practice scoring templates. Include a mix of soft skills and compliance outcomes that truly focus on customer experience.

Customer Experience Scorecard Checklist

Coach your agents to improve business and customer outcomes

Build and maintain a transparent coaching culture where coaches and team leaders can better support agents and help drive performance improvement.

  • Support formal performance management procedures with every session stored securely.
  • Transfer your existing coaching forms and processes or let us help get you started.
  • Schedule, notify and facilitate coaching sessions all from within the platform
  • Take advantage of workshops and resources to help develop your coaches and team leaders.

Evaluation Results and Feedback Form

Focus on the biggest opportunities

Our advanced reporting helps you focus on the agents and processes that need your attention most. With just a few drill-downs, you’ll be able to quickly answer:

  • Which agents are underperforming and in need of support
  • Which parts of the customer experience or back-office operation are failing

Complaints Scorecard: Evaluation Outcome/Score Grid

Build your own reports

Configure reports and monitor the performance metrics that matter most to you. Filter results by channel, evaluation mode, scorecard and much more to help pinpoint root-cause.

Collate results based on your organisation hierarchy and view agent performance side-by-side. All to help you identify pockets of underperformance, support Pareto Analysis and satisfy any MI / BI requirements.

Evaluator Performance Metrics Quality Score

Ensure quality assurance is fair and consistent

Understand evaluator performance and develop a fair and consistent approach to quality with our sophisticated calibration tool and workflows. Schedule and manage sessions all from within the platform and enable all invitees to blind evaluate prior to your meeting.

  • Notify and enable invitees to “blind” evaluate.
  • Automatically collate results.
  • Report calibration performance and provide feedback for each evaluator.
  • Great for outsourced quality departments and check-the-checker scenarios.