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GDPR, Data Security & Additional Regulatory Training

All training takes place on location at Centrebound’s office. Initial induction training is delivered in a class-based environment and includes;

  • GDPR
  • Centrebound data security policies
  • Additional regulatory training (see below)

Upon completion of the induction training QAEs will complete an account-specific online test to measure and record their competence.

Account specific training will be delivered in a side by side environment using genuine customer contacts. The maximum number of QAEs being trained simultaneously is a maximum of 4 per ‘Account Knowledge Expert’.

Additional Regulatory Training

In addition to the account-specific training we provide the following training for TCF, Vulnerable Customers, SAF and GDPR. A record of all Quality Assurance Executives who have received the training is retained centrally.
We will undertake all training necessary to ensure we are delivering the highest possible quality service to our accounts. Some of these modules may be incorporated into the account-specific Training Guides where appropriate.


GDPR forms part of all Agents induction training regardless of which account they will be working on. A dedicated GDPR section is contained within our ‘Centrebound Data Security Policy – Employee’ which includes sections on computer and systems use, clear desk policy, mobile phone use and internet/email policies.


We have a separate module for TCF outlining the 6 principles and how they are applied in real-world scenarios. We also ask Agents that they watch the short TCF video produced by the FCA that breaks the 6 principles down.


For Quality Assurance Executives aligned to the automotive finance accounts, we can provide additional training as prescribed in the online SAF resource at

Vulnerable Customers

We have a separate, contact centre specific training module for Vulnerable Customers. It looks at;

  • Who are vulnerable customers? (The FCA definition)
  • How can customers be vulnerable?
  • How do we spot vulnerable customers?
  • What contact centre agents can and should do to help vulnerable customers?

Vulnerable customer training will be incorporated into the relevant, individual account Training Guides.