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Why should you outsource your Quality Assurance function to Centrebound?

Outsourcing all or part of your contact centre quality assurance function has some significant benefits. Here’s our top five based on our customer’s feedback.


We charge a fixed unit cost per call. This is based on the Average Handle Time of the calls being graded. There are no other account management or hidden fees so you can look at the number of calls graded in-house and the costs of employing/managing the staff and see how that compares. After factoring in Employer’s NI, Pensions, Absence and Holidays, our customers typically achieve a 20% – 30% saving versus their ‘in-house’ teams.

Whether you have your own Excel-based surveys or would like to use our Quality Assurance QA Survey platform. We can help free up your management and developmental time that can add further value to your business.


As a result of the way Centrebound structures and resources staffing, we find our team offers the highest level of call grading and feedback possible. We exclusively employ graduates or undergraduates typically studying language or technical based competencies. We never allow Quality Assessors to work more than 6-hour shifts due to the intensity of grading contacts accurately, and ensure they have regular breaks away from screen time. Each Assessor works on no more than 2 campaigns concurrently, ensuring a high level of focus for each client yet allowing us to achieve a high degree of efficiency which in-house teams can struggle to achieve.

All of our staff are on permanent contracts of employment with holiday allowance and are eligible to join the company pension and other benefits. We do not operate like many contact or call centres with zero hour contracts, etc. This all adds up to making us an attractive company to work for and we are able to source the best candidates for the role of grading our customer’s calls.


As an independent, outsourced provider we avoid the subjectivity that can sometimes influence ‘in-house’ teams. We have no personal relationships with the people answering customer contacts and our teams do not directly engage with the individuals receiving the feedback. Your Team Leaders and Management Team will be able to feedback Agent’s quality scores with confidence in the accuracy and objectivity.

We work with our clients on understanding their bespoke standards and requirements. Thus ensuring we are grading to the exact requirements you need to accurately capture your customer service performance consistently and accurately.


Using either Citrix or other secure FTP protocols we can integrate seamlessly with your quality platform including all major recording software such as Nice Perform, Aspect Quality, Vision Call Centre and Cisco.

Due to effective resource planning, flexible shift design and class-leading low levels of absence and attrition, we are able to ensure that the volumes of calls you need grading are always achieved. You never need to worry about factors like absence levels and holiday requests in your teams or managing performance of individuals impacting on your ability to grade the required number of calls over any time period. Centrebound can grade any volume of calls you require over any period of time you need. We will provide that on time, every time.

It’s our Centrebound guarantee.


As a result of all of the above factors, we are in a position that most, if not all, contact centres are not when it comes to flexing available resource. We can increase the numbers of contacts graded as and when you require. If it’s a peak time of year and you need more calls graded or maybe you want a project focus placing on a certain area of service or sales and need more calls than usual listened to. We can take that additional amount of calls on without the need to recruit additional staff or roll out training. That means we can react quickly, increase the volume and give you the opportunity to identify any requirement across any number of calls as and when you require it.

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